Who knew 140 characters could lead to war? Nigerian artist Mr. Eazi is under attack after a statement made a few days ago. It was a regular day in the twittersphere. Tweets were flowing, memes were breaking ribs, Saltbae was flooding the timeline until the Zagadat singer Mr. Eazi took to twitter to express his views on present day Nigerian music and the influence Ghana has had on it. In a perfect world, Eazi's opinion would have been heard, thought about, and accepted. However, when Nigerian twitter is involved expect otherwise. Eazi who made his way into the Nigerian music scene in 2016 with the hit song 'Skin tight' received the lashing of life from fans, musicians, and fellow music industry pundits when he dropped a series of tweets. 

Eazi's comment came after briefing fans on what to expect from the highly anticipated project Accra2Lagos slated to release in February. The innocent conversation between the Ghana-based artist, fans, and music peers quickly escalated to a war worth watching with a very needed discussion on the acknowledgement of regional sounds and influences. The 27 year old musician, has never shied away from his nationality. Eazi has gone onto to do several interviews where he has recognized his Nigerian roots. In those same interviews, Eazi expresses his deep love for Ghana. 

Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade better known as Mr. Eazi was born and raised in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Eazi found himself in Ghana when he left Nigeria to study at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, in Kumasi, Ghana, where he majored in Mechanical engineering and graduated. While attending university, Eazi got into the party promoting circuit and switched paths into music once he began to garner buzz in the music scene in Ghana. The tweet felt all across the web left some questioning his loyalty as a Nigerian.

Soon after the discussion had errupted, the Starboy signee quickly calrified his statements. However, to some the damages had already been done with some suggesting deportation and mock videos by comedians. Musician DJ Spinall, a recent collaborator with Eazi on the hit single 'Ohema' (2016) didn't take too kindly to the statement as he gave his own two cents writing "A fuck boy's true color will always show off sooner or later".  But it was not everyone who was against Eazi. Ghanaian Hip-Hop/Afro-Pop artist Ko-Jo Cue chimed in saying "@mreazi getting lynched for stating a fact. Where is the Ghana-Naija tension from? Shouldn't it be an honour that we influence each other? I mean Fela never hid the Ghanaian influence in his music (Fefe na Fe) ... And Ghanaian movies & weddings have huge Naija influences too".


The breakthrough artist had a successful 2016 in the Nigerian music scene and aboard, winning the Headies Next Rated award and Soundcity MVP Best New Artist award.

Pulse Nigeria Head of Music Joe Akan was one of many you chimed in on the discussion stating "People that have been searching for a way to attack Mr Eazi have finally been given an outlet....on a platter of gold. Mr Eazi was not wrong. Ghana has influence on Naija music, but he was insensitive and misguided in saying it, knowing the rivalry. That's the truth, but Mr Eazi shouldn't have said it. The rivalry and bad blood is too strong for him. He should have been smarter. It almost feels like a betrayal from someone we have wholeheartedly embraced and loved. He stabbed us in the back with that comment". Dotun of Cool FM added "No disrespect, he made a valid point. Listen to likes of Daddy Lumba, VIP, fuse ODG etc ..well we bit off their sound but we popularized it" and it wasn't a discussion until comedian commentary got involved. Nigerian comedian Craze Clown joined in saying "This led to the Fatal accident! A very sensitive truth! The Naija-Ghana war just took a fresh turn!" 

Eazi quickly apologized via twitter and during an on-air interview when asked about the situation. 

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